Introducing the Fox Duo


violin piano cropped

I am very excited to introduce to you a new violin/viola piano duo in the Greater Niagara Area. Liam Calhoun and Lisa Szczepanski, known as The Fox Duo, have over ten years of experience performing at wedding ceremonies, receptions and other events.

Fox Duo

Lisa and Liam have wonderful audio samples of their music on their website and have an extensive and diverse repertoire including classical and pop. I was just blown away by their music and really like their wedding music suggestions. I know you will agree!

You can contact The Fox Duo for weddings, receptions and other events, through their website or through us at Niagara Falls Wedding World.

fox duo

Have a Creative Wedding

wedding signIf you think of all the weddings you’ve been to in your lifetime, there will be a few that immediately come to mind. These are probably the ones that offered a new twist to something traditional, or there was something you have never experienced before. Do you want to have a memorable wedding? You will probably answer ‘yes’!

If you did answer ‘yes’ then a creative wedding is just for you. Whether a little or a lot of creativity, people will remember your wedding for a long time to come. And, you can stay within your budget and still be creative.

What is a ‘creative’ wedding? A wedding with a theme, a unique location, cultural touches (e.g. red symbols for a Chinese wedding, floral leis for an Indian wedding, tartan for a Scottish wedding), creative twist to an old tradition, unique decor.

Monica and Beau exchanging garlands at their ceremony at Mississauga City Hall


Some couples think that weddings must follow a certain format such as the bride’s family on one side and the groom’s on the other or the father of the bride walking her down the aisle.

There are only two necessary things to get married. Three actually: the couple, the license, and two witnesses. Other than that, your wedding day is whatever you want it to be.

How to get started on your creative wedding:

If you feel comfortable breaking with tradition, if you feel that your family and friends will support you, if you have a vision for your special day and can brush off any criticism, then you can have what you have always dreamed of for your wedding.

Photo ~ Studio Images

To have a creative wedding you will need lots of time to plan, so start brainstorming early. Get together with family and friends and brainstorm ideas. You will be amazed at the awesome ideas that come up. Write down all the ideas and remember that there is no “wrong” idea!

If you feel like your creativity has stalled, go for a walk or other exercise and maybe leave the brainstorming for a day and get some good sleep.

Don’t make decisions too quickly. If you’ve made a short list of creative ideas, sleep on it and maybe for a couple of nights before settling on a theme, etc.

Photo source ~

There are lots and lots of ideas on the internet and in magazines and books. Spend time researching. Think about what your passions and hobbies are and how you can weave these into your wedding.

This is your wedding day but remember to do everything with diplomacy – it goes a long, long way. You need your family, friends and bridal party to support you all the way and they are all very important people. They will embrace your vision for your wedding and give you lots of support when you treat them with respect and love. When you as a couple feel passionate about your wedding plans with all the creative touches, your enthusiasm and excitement will be infectious!

I hope my thoughts and these photos have given you some inspiration to start dreaming about and planning your wedding. More to come!

All the best!












Open, Cash or Dry??

Planning the reception dinner menu can be one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. Between deciding on the appetizer, soup or salad and the entree, let alone what desserts to have can make your head spin! Likewise, deciding on what kind of bar to have can be just as daunting. Open bars are great for your guests, but they can be expensive. A cash bar may seem cheap and a dry wedding maybe off-putting to some guests.  So . . . what is a bride to do? As you will see, having an open or cash bar or a dry wedding is more than just about money.


An open bar is usually preferred because it is seen as a reflection of the couple’s hospitality. With an open bar guests can refresh their drinks freely, can have what they like, when they like and they don’t have to fumble with cash, find an ATM or be left out because they don’t have any money. However, a open bar can have some draw backs with the first being the cost. It can be very expensive, especially if you are having a large wedding. Another draw back is that open bars can encourage guests to get . . . beyond tipsy.

We’ve all heard the stories or seen the sit-com of the drunk individual at the wedding. Usually it’s the best man, or the MC, or an uncle, who is too drunk to say their speech. I’ve been to weddings where the grandmother of the groom had a bit too much and started singing songs from the homeland or the divorced parents of the bride, in their inebriated state, compete for the microphone to say things about their daughter. Very awkward!

A drink or two can really get guests into a festive mood and get people up dancing and having a great time. But, drunk guests, making fools of themselves, throwing up, trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they can drive home . . . these things can be a real horror!

Tips for an Open Bar

If you are having your wedding reception at a hotel, winery, etc., the bar will be staffed by a bartender. To avoid waste and wasted guests, make sure that there is one bartender for every 50 guests.

Consider having a cooling down period for the last half hour of the wedding reception where only non-alcoholic beverages are available – rather than serving alcoholic beverages until the very end of the wedding reception and allowing someone to consume that last “one for the road”.

Non alcoholic beverages, including coffee, should be offered until the very end of the wedding reception. Although coffee will not actually sober someone up, it will help to dilute the amount of alcohol in their system, help them metabolize the alcohol faster, and help keep them a bit more alert. Make it clear to your bartenders in advance, that although you want your wedding guests to have a good time, you are equally concerned about their safety. The bartenders should monitor consumption and alert you if a guest has exceeded his/her limit.

Be sure to appoint someone from your wedding party to check with the bartenders from time to time about the condition of the guests. Although professional bartenders have the experience to track individual consumption, recognize signs of intoxication and tactfully slow an individual’s consumption when needed, you should take the responsibility for the overall safety of your wedding guests and intervene when necessary.

CASH BAR e6c12623c4895ccd653e855b32a77e88

If having a bar with assorted alcoholic beverages is important to you, but the cost is prohibitive, a cash bar can be a great way to save some money. A cash bar can allow you to focus on having more food, or more decorations. However, it will probably make you look cheap, can come off as a bit rude, and can be annoying for guests especially if they don’t come prepared.

I, however, usually find people who complain the most about the lack of liquor at a wedding (or any event for that matter) to be big drinkers. If you have a lot of big drinkers coming to your wedding, you may seriously want to go with a open bar. But, if only a few people are big drinkers, consider wine on the tables or a limited cash bar.  

Tips for a Cash Bar One option is to have an open cocktail hour one hour before the receiving line or dinner begins with a cash bar afterwards. You can supplement this with some wine on the table at dinner. This way you keep the bar expenses down but still offer bar service to those who desire it. Of course, non-alcoholic beverages should be available throughout the reception. Having hors d’oeuvres at an open or cash bar will help to limit the amount of alcohol your guests consume. My Pictures24 Another idea is to give two or three free alcoholic drink tickets to each guest. Once these are used up it’s a cash bar. I think it’s important to not be stingy on the tickets, give people two or three, the appropriate amount that people should be drinking in public anyway.

Having wine on the table for dinner is important regardless of it being an open or cash bar. Wine is an important part of the dining experience. I feel that pop or juices for dinner just don’t complement the food. Having some good wine on the table for dinner will make your guests rave about the food and the experience.

Two more points on a cash bar. First, there should be no charge for non-alcoholic beverages and, second, check the prices that your location will be charging for a drink. Make sure that the price is reasonable and cheaper than a bar. It’s not fair to expect people to pay “market price” at a wedding, or over the bar price either. If it is going to be expensive, consider paying half towards the bar, that way people should only be paying $3-4 for a drink instead of $5-$10.


There are some good reasons to have a dry wedding. The time of day, like a morning or early afternoon wedding; a wedding where you are not having dancing or a late night. Religion may also play a role. If you don’t drink for religious/moral reasons, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a completely dry wedding. By making people aware of your religious beliefs (Muslim/Mormon/Seventh Day Adventist/Baptist, etc.) your guests should not expect you to serve alcohol, just as when you go to a wedding you don’t expect them to not have any alcohol just because you are there.

Tips for the Dry Wedding

If you simply don’t drink, or don’t like drunk people, I’d go with a cash bar. Your guests might not be the happiest, but this is what you are offering them. If you don’t want any alcohol, consider having the wedding take place at a time when drinking is not socially expected. If you’re getting married at 11 am and having a brunch, most people don’t notice the lack of alcohol. Consider offering some non-alcoholic champagne, other sparkling beverages, or punch for toasting. Here is a link to a site with some fabulous alcohol free drinks.

alcohol free drinks

If you are not having alcohol, make sure that you wow them in other ways. Have a lot of non-alcoholic drinks besides pop. Have a few different punches, have mocktails available. Make sure there are lots of appetizers and not just four pieces per guest with your guests having to hunt them down. Make sure there is FOOD!!!!! If people are eating, they won’t notice the alcohol situation as much. Don’t keep guests waiting for food to be served.

You may want to give them a few hours between the ceremony and the meal if you are having your wedding reception in the evening, so they can go get a drink before dinner. Also, have games, a photo booth, or things to keep them entertained instead of sitting there bored because they are not drinking.

As the hostess and host of your wedding, it is your responsibility to make sure your guests are happy, well served and safe. If most of your guests don’t drink, a dry wedding is perfectly acceptable. I would sure love to try some of those non-alcoholic beverages I posted above!

All the best! Jordin

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Should you get married on 12/13/14?



12/13/14 will be the last number-sequential date on the calendar until 2034. If you are a couple and numerology is important to you, read below what numerologist Siobhán Young has to say about this date and marriage.




Thank you Jordin for this opportunity to look at 12/13/14 as a date for marriage!

12 13 2014 totals to the number 5 which is a good number for a relationship.  Five is an almost balanced number between masculine and feminine which can be quite favourable. Be aware though, the strong feminine of five is not about being submissive in a demure sense, but strong in its caring and supportive nature. It is a good number for heterosexual weddings.

5 is a loyal number so that cheating or going behind the other person’s back is unlikely. Everything will be out in the open in a five relationship. Couples must remember that their challenge will be to stay fresh and adventurous, otherwise things could fall apart from boredom. Each individual’s personal numerology will also affect how their marriage will be if they are married on 12/13/14.

numerologyOther numbers that arise from 12/13/14 are 3, 4 and 7.

3 is good for communication and happiness, but can negatively effect financial issues because of the tendency to over spend.

4 is good for reliability, but can be boring, playing with the 5 tendency of needing adventure. You will have to keep this marriage working. Date night is a must!

7 is an iffy number. While strong in self-knowledge, immune to gossip, the number 7 can negatively influence a person to be crude or verbally mean. Seven will also influence a person to have little care for money and budgeting and plays strongly into the 3’s desire to over spend.

No marriage date is perfect! But if you have this information about your wedding date and your individual numerology, you can take action to support what is strong individually and in your relationship and be on guard for behaviour or attitudes that can negatively affect your relationship. Through this you can find continual grounds for individual fulfillment and a beautiful married relationship.

Congratulations on your marriage on this most auspicious day!

Siobhán Young

Where to Sit at a Wedding

I find that there still are wedding planners/advisers who hold to very old – some would call them “traditional Victorian” – views on where people should sit at a wedding. For example, the bride’s side is the left facing the front of the church/venue, and the groom’s side on the right. The challenge is that different religions have different traditions as to which side the bride and groom stand on and hence which side the guests sit on. This is sometimes presented as a rule to follow. Knowing what rule or custom to follow can get quite confusing!

My Pictures23

Above: Photo on the left, a Christian ceremony. Photo on the right, a Jewish ceremony.

My advice, regardless of whether or not you are attending a ceremony in a church or other religious space, is to not worry or become obsessed with which side for which side! As for the couple planning their weddings, don’t stress out over where you guests sit! There really is no right or wrong way. What is “right” is having manners. Here is my advice:

Remember that close family will probably be seated in the front two rows on either side. These may be roped off as ‘reserved’. Leave the first two rows available for close family and make sure you follow any directions that have been laid out for guests.

When you arrive – and guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony – seat yourself closer to the front. This will leave the back rows for the late comers and give the room a sense of fullness. Photographers love it when their pictures give the sense of many welcoming guests even if it is a small wedding.

If you are unsure, ask! There will certainly be someone from the wedding party or a family member who can help you out.

Last year, at the White Wedding Chapel, a couple had this sign printed up for their ceremony. I just love it! “Pick a seat, not a side!” Good advice for all marriages as two people and two families become one! Where you sit is not important. What is important is the continued support of family and friends in the years to come.

wedding signAll the best!



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Chef Shawn McCarty

Chef Shawn McCarty

I recently had the privilege of meeting Chef Shawn McCarty, founder of Mortar and Pestle. Based in the Hamilton, Ontario area, Chef Shawn, a Canadian Red Seal Chef, has had an interest in food production, processing and consumption from a young age. After having spent many years in 4 and 5 star rated establishments Chef Shawn now brings his knowledge and enthusiasm for food right to your home!

What a perfect idea for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner! And, Chef Shawn has done many of these events. Leave the food to him and enjoy your pre-wedding celebrations and your guests. But, as he told me, your guests will probably drift into your kitchen to watch him in action. No worries! Chef Shawn is more than happy to have an audience as he explains how he prepares the dishes on his fabulous menus whether seasonal, international or advanced. I love his 2014 spring/summer menu which you can access by clicking here.

Chef Shawn invited some friends and I into his personal kitchen to see him prepare some of his favourite hors d’oeuvres. No worries if you or any of your guests have dietary concerns. Chef Shawn will be happy to create a menu with many options including gluten free.

Chef Shawn in his kitchen in Jerseyville, Ontario.

Chef Shawn made the whole process look so easy!


We enjoyed (I should say devoured!) Chef Shawn’s special deviled eggs, tomatoes stuffed with feta cheese and arranged with basil and green onion to look like tulips (love the spring theme!), and grilled shrimp on bite-size grilled polenta rounds with a spicy sauce. Yum!


Whether you and your guests decide to join Chef Shawn in the kitchen for an interactive cooking experience, or relax with your guests in your living room or on your patio, you will enjoy a wonderful meal! Learn new cooking skills and let the folks at Mortar and Pestle do all the work including the shopping and clean-up!

For more about Chef Shawn and Mortar and Pestle visit his website here. You can also watch him on CHCH TV and read about him at the Hamilton Spectator.

All the best!


DIY fun for your wedding reception

Couples are always looking for new ideas for entertainment at their wedding reception that involves the guests and is a lot of fun. This morning I came across Brittany Watson Jepson’s blog on Etsy. She is a fabulous designer and crafter and has crafted a piñata in the shape of a wedding cake and filled it with fortune cooks. What a great idea and I’m sure you and your guests will have lots of fun with this one! You can find directions to make this piñata at her Etsy site and more of her inspiration on her Pinterest site. Photos are from her Esty site.


The Wedding Band ~ some interesting options for men

A couple of months ago, one of my readers asked if I could write a post about wedding bands and options for men. To my surprise there are a ton of options for men! So here goes!

Wedding rings have become an almost universal symbol for marriage. And like so many things when it comes to men, they can be rather dull. Most men’s rings are a simple gold band, while we girls can have a plain band or a diamond band, or a sapphire or a ruby or a . . . . . . . . . . .

Photo Source ~

Men’s wedding bands are actually a new tradition. Sad to say but it really is just a marketing ploy.  Women seem to have been wearing rings since time began, be it an engagement ring or a ring given during the ceremony. They say that it began as a rope tied around a woman’s finger to remind her that she was the hostage of the man who had kidnapped her. Some say the Egyptians invented the modern concept of the wedding ring.  However, until recently, it has always only been women who have worn wedding bands.

The main reason why men never wore wedding rings was because they didn’t have to. Look at societal titles. All men are a ‘Mr’ but women are ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs’ (now Ms as well). ‘Miss’ is an unmarried young woman while ‘Mrs’ is married or widowed. It was always most important to know who owned who or what (and yes, women were considered a piece of property like anything else a man owned). If you were an unmarried woman, you were “owned” by your father, and therefore free to be pursued for marriage. However, if you wore a ring everyone knew you were married and “owned” by your husband and therefore not available to court. No one ever needed to know if a man was married or not for it did not affect his social status.

A 7th century wedding ring from the Byzantine (modern day Turkey) Empire showing Jesus and the bridal couple. Souce:

A 7th century wedding ring from the Byzantine (modern day Turkey) Empire showing Jesus and the bridal couple. Photo Source ~

So what should one do if you want something besides the traditional gold band? (Personally I’m not a fan of men’s jewelry. Not because I don’t like men wearing jewelry, but because it’s all so overly masculine looking.)

Let’s take a look at what some of the options are for wedding bands mainly for men but also for women.

Yellow gold is the most common material used for the band. Interesting to know that gold comes in many colours. Below is a band made out of pink gold which looks a bit like copper:

Pink gold with square cut diamond

Pink gold with square cut diamond. Photo source ~

Here is a white gold band which looks like silver or platinum:

Photo source ~

Green gold, which is yellow gold that has been mixed with other metals:

Green gold looks yellow with a slight green tint

Green gold looks yellow with a slight green tint. Photo Source ~

Black gold, like green gold, is gold with other elements added to it:

10k Black gold

10k Black gold. Photo Source ~

There is also blue, purple, grey, and red gold.

Gold is a good choice because it doesn’t tarnish. Gold usually has other metals like copper added to it to give it more strength as it is a very soft metal. The carat number (symbol is K or KT) stamped on the band tells you the purity of the gold. Unlike gems, where their carat is by weight and can go on until eternity in number, gold is by purity and only goes to 24 carats. 24 carats is pure gold and is very bright but soft. While in many parts of the world 24 carat gold jewelry is standard, in North America most everyday jewelry would be 10, 14 or 18 carat gold.  24 carat gold is fine for a dinner ring, but not something that you would wear digging in the garden!

Below I show how the purity content of yellow gold effects the colour:

10k 14 k  20 k  24k

Photo Source ~ 10k; 14 k;
20 k; 24k

As I write this post gold is selling at just over $1,200.00 an ounce. This results in a high cost for gold jewelry. If a gold ring is not in your budget consider another metal like sterling silver.

In ancient times, and even up to a few hundred years ago, silver was more valued then gold. Sterling Silver in 92.5% silver, the remainder is copper. The real thing will be stamped with the number 925 in the same fashion that a gold ring will have 10k or 18k for its gold content. Sterling Silver is harder then pure silver and silver itself is harder than gold. In the U.S. only silver that is 90% silver (stamp 900) can be called silver. There is also Britannia silver, which is 95.8%, but this is used more for tableware and since it is more pure, is more prone to tarnish. Sterling silver is sometimes plated with very fine silver to give it a shine. It can also be plated with Rhodium or gold.

It’s good to know that while silver rings can be re-sized (but usually not more than once) much will depend on the ring. Jewelers tend to hesitate in re-sizing a ring with diamonds as the heating process can cause the diamonds to pop out.

A sterling silver ring with diamonds would be difficult to resize because the heating process could cause the diamonds to pop out. Photo Source ~

A sterling silver ring with diamonds would be difficult to re-size because the heating process could cause the diamonds to pop out. Photo Source ~

Another option is a silver-gold alloy, the most common one being Electrum.

Electrum has been valued in the Mediterranean since the beginning of human appreciation of metals. It was valued by the Egyptians, the Hittites, and the Greeks. It is a natural occurring mixture of silver and gold and because it is naturally occurring it can contain 90% gold to a 45-55 split. Sometimes it has copper or other trace elements which will of course give it a different colour.  Because of the silver content it is stronger than gold, but because of the gold, there is no tarnish. It has been called white gold and green gold, but unlike those metals which get their colour from gold being mixed with copper or some other element, electrum is a silver and gold mix with only the slightest traces of other elements.

Electrum is a natural occuring mix of gold and silver. Photo source ~

Below are some interesting metal options for men’s rings which would make for a very distinct ring.

Tumbaga is a Spanish name for a gold and copper alloy from South America. These distinct rings are not readily available so you would have to consult with a jeweler to have one custom made or find one from a designer on Etsy.

A ring made from tumbaga. Photo source ~

Shibuichi, which means ‘one fourth’, is a Japanese alloy of silver, copper with a hint gold. Custom rings are unique in that they embrace imperfections compared to mass produced jewelry. Below a women’s ring (photo source ~; bottom left a men’s ring from Stones Throw Studio; on right, rings from designer Daniel Icaza.

My Pictures15

Another material you may want to consider is Platinum. Platinum looks like silver or white gold. Like gold, Platinum is sometimes mixed with other alloys, so check that when you are looking into it. For a ring you want the other alloys to be a either cobalt or ruthenium which will make it harder and less likely to get warped from wear. Platinum is heavier then gold so you may want to take your man with you when choosing and see what is comfortable on his hand. Platinum can be twice as expensive as 18k gold, however, it is longer lasting and since it is worth more, can be more of an investment.

Men's platimun rings. Photo source ~ left groomsguidefor and right,

Men’s platimun rings. Photo source ~ left, and right,

If you like Platinum, but don’t have a load of cash, check out rings made of Palladium.

Men’s knotted ring made of Palladium. Photo source ~

Palladium does not tarnish and unlike gold it is hypoallergenic. Platinum can cost over $1300 an ounce, while palladium is around $300.  

Now-a-days even metals that are not considered “precious” are being used for jewelry.

Tungsten. Every time I hear this metal I say in my head, “I need Tungsten to live. . . TUNGSTEN!”  Ah, The Simpsons . . . how you have ruined me!

Tungsten ring. Photo source ~

Tungsten is very hard and therefore very durable. This may be a good idea for a man who has a dirty job, or who works with his hands a lot. An FYI, tungsten is so hard that in a emergency it can’t be cut off . . . so, there have been times where the finger was what got cut off instead. The good news is that it’s not that expensive! There are many tungsten wedding bands available on Etsy.

Zirconium – not to be confused with the synthetic gemstone cubic zirconia – is new to the jewelry world.  It is not a natural metal, but is made from purifying zircon with chlorine. It is sometimes mixed with titanium. It is tough and inexpensive to buy. While it does not tarnish easily it can scratch. Zirconium bands come in grayish white and also black. Black zirconium is simply oxidized gray zirconium, which is why black is better for jewelry since its already oxidized and won’t discolour. I found many cool and unusual zirconium bands at Love2Have and Stonebrook Jewelry on Etsy.

Zirconium wedding bands. Photo source ~ top left and bottom right: Top right and bottom left: Stonebrook Jewelry

Zirconium wedding bands. Photo source ~ top left and bottom right: Top right and bottom left: Stonebrook Jewelry.

Titanium rings are durable, do not tarnish and are inexpensive. This metal is non-toxic, non-tarnishing, and hypoallergenic. However, it is hard to re-size metals like these because their strength, so make sure that it is the right size for your man. For more information on titanium go to

Titanium ring. Photo source ~

You could also think about a non-metal materials like wood. Wooden rings are a great alternative for those with allergies or if the traditional materials are just too expensive. Wood rings are also socially responsible since wood does not have to be mined nor does it even need to be cut down as the ring can be made from re-used materials. The downside is that they are not as long lasting and you really have to take care of it. So no washing dishes or mixing cement with it on! Below are pictures of wooden wedding bands from the Canadian company Touch Wood Rings. Another great site is Simply Wood Rings.

Wooden wedding bands from Touch Wood Rings.

Beautiful wooden wedding bands from Touch Wood Rings.

Wedding bands can also be custom made from materials that are meaningful to you, like grandpas old broken violin or guitar that is up in the attic and then set with a diamond from grandma’s old broach.

Rings can be made from guitar or violin strings and a stone or gem attached. Photo source ~

Rings can be made from guitar or violin strings and a stone or gem attached. Photo source ~
The last thing i will like to talk about is sizing. This is important if the ring is going to be a surprise or if your going for a harder material. If he has a ring that he wears a lot you can circle it on a paper, from the inside and outside, or print off one of these charts and size it up: -

Source ~ –

But again, if you are going for something like Tungsten, you may want him to go with you and try things on, or even pick it out for it can’t be re-size easily.

Hope you enjoyed the post. It’s amazing the options there are for men when it comes to wedding bands. Down the road I will do a post about inserts, like diamonds, rubies and the like as well as design options!

~ Jordin

Easy Renaissance Hair Style


Yes . . . that is a 29 week baby bump!

I’ve begun to wear my hair in this style simply because I have very long hair and it’s something to do with it. This style is easy, looks nice, and keeps my hair off my neck. I think this would be great for a late 15th century themed wedding, or “Flower Child” like occasion.

I’ve been asked several times “How do you do that?”  “It must be so hard!”  and I tell them it’s not . . . really, it’s not hard at all! Here is how I do it:

First, you need hair elastics and bobby pins . . .

My Pictures14

and ribbons!!!


These are only a few that I have . . . they are my “crack”!

I use many different types of ribbon and it really allows me to get a huge range of looks, one for every outfit! One of my favorite kinds are my homemade ones. I go to Fabricland and other shops on Ottawa St N in Hamilton, ON, and go straight to the most expensive fabrics and ask for the minimum they can give me. That’s usually a few inches, and never costs be more then $5! I then just sew the two sides together, flip it inside out and there you go! See picture below.


But I also get some nice ribbon from places like Michael’s.They range in price from $1-$10. Some are plain fabric and others covered in glitter. Some are sheer.These are great for accents. Weave a glitter one in and then over lap with a sheer one and you can get a real unique look!


One of my sheer fabrics over top of other colours

So, once you have the colours that you want you can start. The first way I’m showing is for long hair. I’ll do a second way for those with shorter hair.


So, begin by brushing your hair to one side. I always do it to the left. Why? Not sure, just do. Then, if you want, tie it off. You don’t have to, but depending on the type of ribbon you’re using, it can make it easier to work with.

IMG_0057Then take your ribbons and find the middle.

DesktopTake the mid point of your ribbons and wrap them over the base of your hair.  Begin to wrap them around your pony tail as seen here.


Keep wrapping the ribbons around. You can wrap them over all your hair or leave bits showing like in these photos. Once you’re at the end you can either put an elastic around the end of the ribbons and braid the rest of your hair if there is more, or braid the ribbons into your hair. It helps that at the end there is hair for the pins to grasp.


Pull it over your head. It can be higher up or lower back, whatever you like. Pin the end of your “braid” to your hair. Sometimes it helps to pull some hair over the braid and then pin it.  I was able to pin this one with one bobby pin . . . so it’s not hard.


And that’s it. If you want, you can add some fabric to the back for a Medieval or Greaco-Roman look. I just tucked this in, but i don’t think it would stay long. I would hot glue some fabric to a comb and attach it into my hair that way.

Below is for shorter hair. Basically you are doing two braids at either side of your head and folding them over at the top.


Divide your hair in half and start with one part.


As above you can start with an elastic at the base then take ribbon, divided in half, and begin to wrap.


When done, tie the base with an elastic and do the other side.


Here you can see it slipping a bit, just push the ribbon back up to the base.


When done flip one over, and then the other.


And pin! And that’s it.

I hope you enjoyed this. I love this look and you can work any colours that you may have in your theme into this hair style.  It’s great for a theme wedding or if you just like it. It’s great for summer for there are no curls to fight with and no hair making you hot!

Have fun!


Just be glad that this is not your wedding……

Over the years I’ve delt with a lot of mishaps in weddings.   The couple forgot/don’t have a licence, the flowers are wilted.  Someone always gets lost, the dress just wont fit right, the rings are forgotten in a hotel room across town.  Yes, things like that can be devastating, even post pone your wedding.  But, as I always tell them, it could be worse, because it always can. Just be glad this below…is not your wedding:

And even here, it could have been worse, her strapless gown could have….. “exposed her”!  See, it can always be worse.