I recommend that the moment you start to plan your wedding you make sure that you can get married.  I’ve seen so many couples drive down to Niagara Falls on a whim thinking they can get married – because that’s how it happens on television – only to be very disappointed when they arrive to discover that they must get a marriage licence before any marriage can take place.

Or …

You dream about the flowers and fantasize about the cake. You spend hours trying on dresses and sitting in the hairdresser’s chair but all of this will not only be pointless but also a waste of time and money if you don’t have your marriage licence.  Next to having arrangements made for an officiant to solemnize your marriage, getting a licence is the most important part of your wedding.  There is nothing you can do without a licence. You can eat the cake and dance the dance but you cannot get married without one!

Marriage licences are good for 90 days but you must still plan ahead when getting one. A licence can be obtained from any city hall or municipal office in Ontario but, they are not free and every municipality charges a different fee! I’ve heard of fees ranging in price from $80-150. So don’t get caught off guard by arriving at city hall and getting a shock with the cost of the license. Call or check on-line to see how much your city hall or municipal office charges and don’t forget to check on the hours of operation for the city hall or municipal office. They are not open on the weekends!

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the ID you’ll need to obtain a license and other hidden surprises!