Not only do some couples arrive unprepared to pay the fee to obtain a marriage license but they also forget their identification. So what is required to obtain a marriage license in the Province of Ontario? Again, just as fees vary from city hall to city hall, so do ID requirements. For example, the City of Hamilton, the City of Niagara Falls and the City of Toronto all have similar but slightly different ID requirements and options as will all municipalities. Check on-line for ID requirements before heading down to City Hall for your marriage license and remember, no photocopies, original documents in good condition only. A current passport and driver’s license are always a safe bet!

Another surprise can be waiting for you. If either applicant has been previously married they must bring their original divorce certificate with them. And again, no photocopies! You must have the original and if you can’t find it or your ex destroyed it, you must head down to the court house and get a court certified copy. Again, this is not free and obtaining a replacement divorce certificate can take time. And please make sure that you are divorced! You’d be surprised how many people don’t realized they are still married, or that being separated isn’t the same thing as being divorced! 

One of the things that breaks my heart is when people come from overseas -thinking they’ll run away and surprise everyone back home in Germany but . . . the bride or groom has been previously married and is divorced. If you are coming to Ontario from the United States or any other country with plans on getting married here be aware that ALL divorces granted outside of Canada MUST be reviewed by a Canadian lawyer before you can get an Ontario marriage license. It’s a bit complicated so best if you go to our website for all the details and helpful information.

I hope I have provided some helpful tips for you. Tomorrow I’ll finish up posting on marriage licenses. With all the proper identification in place to obtain an Ontario marriage license, I know the rest of your plans will go smoothly as well!

All the best! Jordin