Even though I’m not going to wear “the big white dress” I’m still planning on wearing something special.  At the moment I have no idea what that maybe, but I do know that I will know it when I see it!  Unfortunately my searches have been fruitless!  I started out by going to the Pen Centre in St. Catharines with my mom. This is the largest mall closest to Niagara Falls.  But I found, coming out of the holiday season, that the pickings were very slim. There were some good finds, but nothing that fit me just right or that I actually liked. I really liked the clothes at Laura Petite but they only went up to a size 16.  I did learn that there is a Laura Plus in Burlington so that will be our next destination this coming weekend.

Other places I scoured were the Bay and Sears but the selection in my size was limited and mostly casual wear. That was disappointing! Probably more so for my mom because she wanted to use her Sears or Bay card and get points! LOL

In the dress department at Sears all the sizes were mixed in together and just too much work trying to sift through the racks especially with my sore feet! (Poor me!) They did have a small selection of gowns, but I’ve been banned from wearing a gown by the groom (he says he wants to recognize me!) LOL again!

On Monday I did find a few things at Addition Elle in St. Catharines that I liked, however most things did not match the colours that I have chosen (teal and brown).  If I had chosen purple I would have had no problem finding something to wear! Darn! Pennington’s had a lot of teal but nothing fancy enough to wear for my wedding. The staff at both stores were very helpful.

I’ve seen many things online that I do like, but I don’t know how I feel about ordering something like this online, given that I can’t try it on and see how it makes my butt look! Not enough time for this kind of shopping.  So, I’m off to Limeridge Mall in Hamilton and then to Laura Plus at Mapleview Mall in Burlington to see what they have. After that it’s on to Toronto or over to Buffalo. Wish me luck! Send your suggestions. Only 5 1/2 weeks to go! Jordin