It’s Friday and I promised to report back on my search for wedding clothes since I decided that I didn’t want to wear a wedding gown nor a dress for that matter.

So, I finally found something to wear!! It only took forever!!

Last Sunday, Mike, my mom and I headed to Laura Plus at Mapleview Mall in Burlington. I must say the clothes there are amazing from casual, to office wear, to evening wear and gowns. Though the clothes are higher priced all the winter stock was on sale. We had to go through the same rigmarole as the other stores: finding the right style and size and something that didn’t make me look like a marshmallow when I put it on!

So many lovely things at Laura Plus but I am a winter so these colours just won't work.

Here are my colours: teal and brown, but this made me look like a marshmallow!

Some advice before you go shopping!

1. Most clothing is designed for the smaller woman. If you are above a size 14 – lose weight!  Lose as much as you can, not so that you can look your best but so you can fit into the clothes you want to wear, instead of wearing clothes you have to wear because there is nothing else available.

2. Research.  Find out what colours are hot for your season and know what will be out there.  I wanted teal, but if i had known that this spring’s hot colour was going to be purple, I wouldn’t have gone with teal and brown.  There would have been so much more selection and a lot less headache.  So before you go and decide on the colours of linen, and the cake and the invitations, go and see what you have to work with and then decide.

3. Give yourself as much time as possible or lower your expectations.  If you are like me, having no idea what you want when you start out to shop, yet your darn sure of what you don’t want, give yourself lots of time to find it whether in a store, online or custom order. Give yourself days to go through heaps of clothes and countless websites to find that perfect outfit. No bride wants to wear something that isn’t quite right.

Loving all the clothes at Laura!

So now I have a sexy brown suit to wear. I bought a gold tank top to go under the jacket, but that’s because we couldn’t find the right colour of teal to go underneath (research!!!). But it’s all good!

I still have to find shoes but I don’t expect that to be as much of a hassel as finding the outfit.

Next are the accessories for the suit. I’m now on a mission to make a fascinator to match my suit. They are becoming all the rage with brides in Canada and the United States after the royal wedding in Britain last year. Below are a couple that I really like. I’m also thinking that since my suit is sort of circa 1940’s perhaps a hat with some netting over my eyes.

The latest look for this bridal season is this vintage visor veil shown here from

Here is a retro ivory straw fascinator from I think it would look superb with my suit and wedding colours!

Now you might be wondering what Mike’s going to wear. Well shopping for him was a breeze. We headed down to Moore’s and found a fabulous brown shirt for him that wonderfully matches his teal patterned tie. We used their formal wear department to rent a vest to tie it all together. That took about 15 minutes!