Success! The Quest is Complete! I have completed my wedding outfit, and just in the nick of time too! Having started out without a clue as to what I wanted to wear, I have assembled a wonderful suit consisting of a brown suede jacket – not an office power suit but very soft and gentle- gold tank, striped brown pants with gorgeous brown suede shoes, with just a dash of reptilian faire and the tiniest kitten heels ever. To complete the outfit though, we thought a hat was to be the best option, to just give it a sense of wedding flair. But where to start?

Hats haven’t been the rage, or the daily norm, for a long time, so finding a hat was a challenge these past few weeks. We started in the usual places, Sears and the Bay. Nothing. Then we thought maybe a tiny boutique but they only had winter “keep you warm” hats. Not what we wanted.

However, in our struggles, we came across the rumour that a new hat shop had opened in the fabric district on Ottawa Street in Hamilton. My mother, living in Hamilton, went and checked it out.

She came back with an excellent report and the next weekend we were there. The store is amazing!! Anyone looking for any kind of hat will find something here. Right now Suzanne, the proprietor, has her winter hats out, but these are not just your keep you warm winter hats (although she does have those). She has fascinators made locally by a crafter in Ancaster, top hats, fedoras, wide brimmed Eva Peron like hats, flapper hats! Hats Hats HATS!!!! From casual wear to formal, Hats Wear Its At has hats for all occasions, including your wedding. Suzanne can also find any hat you want through her distributor and manufacturer connections. She has white bridal fascinators and colourful ones for wedding party ladies or guests of the wedding to wear.

Lots of great hats to make your wedding day just smashing! Thanks Suzanne!

Trying on hats and fascinators at "Hats Wear It's At" Hamilton, Ontario ~ photos by Mike Heinhold

Suzanne Hampel of "Hats Wear It's At" adjusting a fascinator for Jordin ~ photo Mike Heinhold

A great collection of men's hats at "Hats Wear It's At" ~ photo Mike Heinhold

It's a beautiful brown and gold fascinator. I'm going to tuck in a couple of teal feathers to complete my colour scheme. Photo ~ Mike Heinhold

Monday we’re off to Niagara Falls City Hall to get our marriage license. In all the hustle and bustle and fun of getting your outfit together, don’t forget to get your marriage license. For more information, see my post on marriage licenses.
All the best! Jordin