Discussing my flowers at The Flower House, Niagara Falls ~ Photo Michael Heinhold

We decided to order the flowers for our wedding through The Flower House, Niagara Falls, Ontario because I have worked with them in the past ordering flowers for brides getting married at The Little Wedding Chapel or the White Wedding Chapel here in Niagara Falls.

Here are some tips for ordering flowers for your wedding:

Even if your wedding is months away, see your florist asap because choosing your bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres and flowers for the chapel and reception can take hours. Florists have many books to choose from and just when you see the perfect bouquet, on another page is another perfect one! They need as much time as possible to order all the flowers you need.

Remember that flowers are seasonal! It is much more difficult, and may be impossible, to get the flowers you want for a January/February wedding compared to a summer wedding especially if you live in colder climates.  Be prepared to substitute because of unavailability of the flowers or much added expense to obtain the flowers you want. I was hoping for teal and brown flowers but these colours are impossible to find unless they are dyed. Not even true teal or brown among the fabulous gerbera colour palette! Note to self: Next time go purple. It’s always in fashion! LOL

photo: prweb.com


Trailing wrist corsage

I want to be “hands free” for the ceremony so I was thinking about either a trailing wrist corsage, pictured here on the left, or a regular corsage. I’ve chosen to go with a regular corsage after realizing that regardless of how beautiful the wrist corsage is, it will definitely be in the way of the hand fasting during the ceremony. We’ll be using teal and brown ribbons to “tie” ourselves to each other.

My flowers will be ivory fair trade roses with teal and brown accents. Mike’s boutonniere will also be ivory roses with funky brown wire loops to add a masculine touch.

Instead of long stemmed ivory roses for our center pieces, we’ve taken the advise of our florist and chosen cluster roses instead. Cluster roses have about ten blooms to the stem and look like roses from your garden.

Cluster Roses ~ Photo: Plum Siena

Clear Hydration Beads ~ Photo: diyweddingcompany.co.nz

The cluster roses will be arranged in clear glass vases and the necks of the vases tied with brown and teal ribbon. I really like the look of hydration beads in the glass vases and you can purchase them in almost any colour to match your colour scheme. They add some sparkle to your vases and will reflect the light. I plan on having glass teal and brown votive candle holders circling the vases.  I’ve chosen to use clear beads so the stems of the roses can still be seen. They are practical too, working to keep the water level replenished in your vases! A great idea especially if it’s a warm day. I found hydration beads at a major craft supply store in my area but you can also order them online.

Photo ~ Michael Heinhold