A beautiful antique Honiton lace collar with roses and thistles at lacenews.com.

Lace wedding gowns are back in fashion following the wedding of Kate Middleton (now HRH the Duchess of Cambridge) to Prince William in 2011. And I give this a big thumbs up and something I’ve been waiting and hoping would happen! Yet, with such a revival comes the need for education about lace because a few generations of young women don’t know much about lace, it’s beauty and allure. Is lace just a British thing or something that many of us have missed out on?

For some great information on the history of lace right back to ancient times go to Lace Makers Lace. There is so much information on that site and also about the fine art of making lace.

But back to our topic: Why the fascination with lace? Besides begin just plain beautiful, lace, like tapestry can tell a story. Unlike solid colours, even in fabulous fabrics like silk, or velvet or wool, lace has been used to preserve history and speak to the present. Take Kate Middleton’s gown as an example. The lace on her gown is known as Irish Carrickmacross, an ornate appliqué form of hand-made lace.

The lace bodice of her gown symbolizes the nations of the United Kingdom with roses for England, thistles for Scotland, daffodils for Wales and shamrocks for Ireland. These lace appliques were handmade by the Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton Court Palace. Afterward each applique was applied to ivory silk tulle.

Details of lace on Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

If you would like lace designed and custom made for your wedding gown you can contact the design company responsible for the lace on Kate’s dress, Sophie Hallette at their Paris showroom at afinalteri@sophiehallette.fr.

Lace peacock edging on Bobbin Lace

And there are many lace guilds in Canada and America and around the world to source out beautiful lace. A good site to find lace makers in is Bobbin Lace. For exquisite Brussels lace go to Louise Verschueren Belgian Lace Gallery. However, I am having difficulty sourcing lace makers on-line in Canada and America! Let me know please if you have a lace shop that deals in exquisite laces! Please send me an email at lwc@cogeco.net.

Kate’s wedding dress was quite traditional in style and fabrice. Designer Sarah Burton captured who Kate is and her new life very well. However, if you want to incorporate lace into your wedding dress and want to push the envelope a bit more, there are so many fabulous dresses out there to suit any taste.

See the vintage inspired gowns of Yolan Cris at weddinginspirasi.com.

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From a full blown lace inspired wedding to a minimal application, lace can adorn any wedding day and give you the extra special touch you are looking for!

All the best! Jordin