I’m so envious of men! From all appearances they are so easy to dress.  Just put them in pants with a jacket and a good pair of Italian shoes and your done!  Being so easy what can a girl possibly do to make her man and his boys a little more fancy then just pants, jacket and shoes for the wedding? Some of these suggestions may be quite familiar but are often forgotten with the main focus being on the bride and her ladies! Don’t forget to dress up the men a bit because most men clean-up really good and can turn some heads themselves!

The Boutonniere:

A standard part of the wedding uniform the boutonniere is an inexpensive way to savvy things up. Depending on the type of flower you chose a boutonniere shouldn’t cost more than $15-20. They are a great way to get you and your man to match as you can take almost any flower in your bouquet and put it into a boutonniere (except for flowers like hydrangeas which are big, they wilt and fall apart easily.) Be sure to avoid dyed flowers because they can leave a stain on the suit and on your dress. Consider something different from the traditional red rose and baby’s breath. Most florists have interesting combinations using heather, berries, colour wire, and even feathers for some extra pizzaz!

One thing I am always asked is how to pin on a boutonniere and on what side of the jacket do you pin it? The boutonniere is always pinned on the left lapel using a pearl headed pin on the underside. Here’s a quick youtube video from www.wedding-flowers-guide.com. And, just in case you were wondering, women always wear a corsage on the right. Why? As my grandma used to tell me, that way you don’t crush your corsage!

A very creative and show-stopping boutonniere from weddingbells.ca

The Handkerchief

Handkerchiefs are also an inexpensive way to dress up your man. More reliable than a boutonniere they won’t wilt or get crushed when hugging guests! You’ll find some wonderful ones in a range of colours at Buy4Less Tuxedo. A good idea, whether you are using flowers or fabric is to have the groom in one colour and the rest of the men in your wedding party in another.  This will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will allow guests to easily identify the groom. This is most helpful for guests who have never met your groom! And don’t forget that the groom can wear both a boutonniere and handkerchief as illustrated above.


Photo Credits:weddingdrea.com; perfectly-groomed.co.uk;brideandsoul.net

The Tie Pin

Tie pins are functional and decorative.  Essentially, they are to prevent the tie from moving around on you. Don’t get bogged down on their practicality because they can add some nice bling!  There are a few different options for this, a tie clip, tack, bar or chain.  Tie clips and bars go across the tie while the tie tack is a pin that goes through the tie and there is a back bar that attaches to the shirt.  Although tie tacks allow for the possibility of a semi-precious stone to be added they can damage the tie, so if you are renting this is probably not a good idea.

Below a mother-of-pearl and silver tie tack created by Zuni silversmith D. Chavez, a pearl and silver baseball tie tack at www.paynesjewelry.com, a steampunk Gruen clockwork design tie tack from London Particulars on Etsy and silver panpipes from www.badalijewelry.com.


Choose a tie tack or pin that reflects your culture, a talent, an interest or a fashion statement.

The Cufflink

Cufflinks can add that tiny touch of bling to a man’s ensemble without being overly noticeable. They are the added and final touch that tells people that he’s put together down to the last detail. They can range from silly (remember the Simpsons and the piggy cufflinks?) to plain with gold or silver plating, to really fancy with semi-precious inlays like mother of pearl or make from recycled materials.  And just like other accessories they come in all shapes including knots, circles, squares, and even flowers!


These rhodium plated cufflinks featuring black and clear crystals can be found at cuffwear.com








Did I say that guys are same old, same old when it comes to their attire for the wedding? Wow, was I ever wrong. Their choices are just as exciting and interesting as the bride and her ladies. Don’t hesitate guys! Knock ’em dead!


To learn how to fold a handkerchief so your man can look just as stunning in pink go to www.wedbits.com.













All the best! Jordin

PS: while I love the look of traditional attire for men I really like what neo-Victorian steampunk sites have to off the guys from formal wear for grooms to all their accessories.


Source ~ gloriaharchar.com