Last week I posted on all kinds of lovely accessories for the groom on his special wedding day. These accessories can also be picked up by the men in the party.  Today I’m continuing with three more accessories one of which is making a come back – the waistcoat, cummerbund and pocket watch!

Wow! From

Although they are not part of the standard men’s outfit any more, the image of the pocket watch still has hold over our imaginations. And really, it’s just plain sexy to see a man in a suit with a pocket watch! What a fashion statement!

However, pocket watches can be a bit difficult to find but don’t give up men if you are interested in wearing one at your wedding! Here are some places to start your search. Go to a jewelry or watch shop and see what they have to offer or suggest. Consider a pawn shop or on-line at sites like Ebay. If you only want to wear one for decoration, you can probably get a good deal on one that doesn’t work. However, on Ebay you can find very nice ones for under $20.00.

If you are considering wearing a pocket watch, they look best when worn with a vest, as in the picture above, and worn on the left. The folks at recommend not wearing a pocket watch with very tight pants as the idea is that the watch must come easily out of your pocket with one simple yank. You should never have to fumble about for your pocket watch. Part of the fashion statement is not only the watch but how you access it. So practice this a few times before the big day. It will only add to your appeal!

Pictured:a square French  pocket watch at; Chaika watch at; a Russian pocket watch from; and a Celtic pocket watch at These are examples of some more expensive watches, but as I wrote above, visit Ebay for some very good deals!


The Waistcoat

While other pieces of clothing began as functional and practical pieces which eventually made their way into formal ensembles the waistcoat started off that way as a creation of King Charles II in the mid 17th century after seeing the garment brought back by visitors to Persia. I think Charles was very perceptive when it came to men’s fashions because the waistcoat is a dynamic piece of men’s attire!

French waistcoat circa 1790 from; tartan waistcoat by designer Vivienne Westwood at; and finally my hero Cpt Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) at


The Cummerbund

A cummerbund is a sash worn around the waist.



Funny that the cummerbund, which originally started off as an option with informal summer jackets for men, evolved to become a fancy pleated sash that is worn with a tuxedo. Where once they had a more practical purpose – someplace to stash your opera tickets – today they are strictly for aesthetic purposes.  A cummerbund can be worn with your tuxedo with or without a vest/waist coat but not with a doublebreasted vest. And, while a vest need not be worn with a tuxedo at a formal/black tie affair, a tuxedo is never worn without a cummerbund. Photo:

While there are some “rules” around wearing a cummerbund, the cummerbund continues to evolve and is one accessory that is again being used in less formal situations and now can be made of interesting fabrics or a rainbow of colours especially when being worn for weddings. It’s proven to be an accessory that is truly an accessory and can be very impressive and fun at the same time! Above: 100% cotton bow ties and cummerbunds from

Cummerbunds seem to be going full circle again and becoming a smart informal accessory for men. So don’t think it’s something that can only be worn for your wedding and returned with the rest of the tuxedo. Consider making it part of your everyday attire!

The ones pictured above are by designer Bernhard Willhelm found at

On the right: Some fun cummerbunds with matching bow ties from

Enjoy and have fun choosing your accessories for your wedding. From formal to casual you can be a hug hit!

All the best! Jordin