It’s been a great adventure learning and sharing about accessories for men from boutonnieres to tie pins to cufflinks to pocket watches. Today we’ll “top it off” with my post on hats!

While a hat is always a great addition to a suit, both casual and formal, most men feel intimidated by hats and most of that intimidation comes from not being acquainted with proper hat etiquette for men. Before you run away, please see my article on hat ettiquette for men and you’ll discover that knowing a few of the basic rules will give you the confidence to wear this final touch to a great ensemble! (Just remember that the rules around hats are different for men and women. No offense men, but you have the rules! But knowing and practicing the etiquette around hats will make you stand out from the crowd!)

Some common hats for men to wear at weddings are:

The Top Hat

Photo ~ F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal

The top hat is a classic and very sexy addition to a man already wearing a morning coat or cut away tuxedo. However, most men probably will feel silly and be cracking Abe Lincoln jokes all day. But all kidding aside, the top hat is “tres cool” for a more formal wedding or Victorian look. Top hats come in varying sizes and colors and you can probably get one for under a $100.00.

The Bank of England’s head gatekeeper from

In the Niagara region go to Hats Wear It’s At on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton. Suzanne can help you find the perfect one, and even do special ordering for you. As I said, the top hat is great if you want a more formal look or are going for a Victorian theme. I found the best sites for sexy men in morning coats and top hats is to view pictures from the Royal Ascot in Britain. While the Royal Ascot may have the air of being a bit stuffy, people who attend often show off their fun side and can give us some great ideas for weddings. Even the men can be colourful with pink ties or pink top hats and still look sophisticated and dashing! You can have lots of fun with a top hat!


Photo Sources for these Royal Ascot shots:;; and the

But if a top hat doesn’t seem to be your style and you still would like to wear a hat consider some of these:

The Bowler Hat

The Bowler Hat is a universal hat for men (and women too!) that can fit with most outfits whether you are wearing one on an everyday basis or adding a classy touch to your wedding attire.

Charlie Chaplin’s famous bowler hat in the film “The Kid”. Source:

Charlie Chaplain (one of the most influential and creative personalities of the silent film era) and then Laural and Hardy made the bowler hat popular in the early 20th century. But its popularity didn’t stop there. Although we didn’t see much of the bowler hat in the 1960’s it has been popular for men and women since the 70’s. I think that it is now an enduring classic and not just a fad.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

The Fedora

The Fedora or “gangster hat” was popular from the 1920’s – 50’s. This hat gives a more informal but still fancy look to your groom. One of Mike’s many hats on our wedding day was a black fedora. The fedora is a great hat for a prohibition themed wedding or 1940-50’s style wedding.

A “prohibition era” or “gangster” themed wedding calls for a fedora.

Have fun dressing up your man! I hope you can encourage him to considering wearing some of the accessories I have featured over the past couple of weeks and perhaps even a hat.

Photo credits:; annesage.come; and





I don’t have a clue yet as to what next week’s post will be about but I know I’ll have fun putting it together and I truly hope you’ll like it too!

All the best! Jordin