I am seeing more and more theme weddings that range from just the bride and groom in theme outfits to the entire wedding including guests, food, venue and music. I will be posting on theme weddings over the next few weeks, complete with inspiration boards. But today I’d like to cover theme weddings based on personal background, interests or hobbies. These are the easiest to do and give your guests a further insite into who you are as individuals and as a couple. And, you might even find out more about yourselves and your families!

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A couple of years ago I played violin for a couple who “themed” up their ceremony and reception based on their backgrounds and interests as a couple. For example, they wanted their ceremony to be in a church because of their faith.

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They wove into their ceremony aspects of where they were each from – one from a southern Ontario farm and the other from Newfoundland.

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They had Celtic music and the colours of the sand for their sand ceremony were brown, representing the earth from the farm, and blue representing the water off Newfoundland.

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They met each other at the gym and starting training and competing in triathlete events together. So at their reception each table was named after a different competitive event. The reception venue was decorated with flowers but they creatively used their bikes to hold the seating boards for the reception.

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The music at the reception included some traditional reels from Newfoundland reflecting the bride’s roots. It was a fun evening!





A theme wedding can be as simple as this – reflecting your unique heritage and backgrounds – and this couple pulled it off very well with tribute to where they were each from, what brought them together and what they do together as a couple for fun!

All the best! Jordin