Brrr! I love an icy wedding! Not between family members though! LOL

Nothing combines simplicity and elegance at a wedding reception like an ice sculpture. They quickly add sparkle and shine for just about any occasion and at your wedding reception your guests will be quickly drawn to it. Ice sculptures can be as tiny as a shot glass or as large as an entire hotel; strictly for decoration or serving a functional purpose such as keeping punch or salads chilled.

This sculpted ice punch bowl is sure to be a conversation piece at your reception! Beautifully created by Struckman Sculpture Ice of Denver, Colorado.

How do ice sculptors create such beauty? Conditions have to be just right to create this stunning punch bowl by Struckman Sculpture Ice. Both room and water tempteratures are critical and the water must be frozen in a certain way to eliminate any air molecules that will produce cloudy ice. While some creations do call for cloudy ice as an artistic feature, special machines are used to freeze the water to ensure clarity.

Colour can be added to any sculpture through a variety of ways. This piece would be stunning in a darkened room. Learn the secrets at Ice Carving Secrets.

An ice sculpture of two hearts with your names carved on them can add the final touch to your wedding venue. However, if you are planning a theme wedding consider using an ice scupture to tie your theme together. Whatever your theme you can probably find a mold or artist to create a sculpture for you – old fashioned cars, butterflies or other insects, tropical fish, or a dragon like the photo above. You could even have a miniature castle, Cinderella’s carriage or Beauty and the Beast dancing on a table top! Consider bouquets of flowers made for each of your tables. You can even have your ice coloured to match your wedding scheme or shine lights on the ice sculpture to reflect your colours.

If a professionally done ice sculpture is not in your wedding/event budget you’re probably wondering if you can DIY an ice sculpture for your wedding buffet table or for each individual tables. You sure can! But like anything else, do your research and give yourself lots of time to order molds and practice. You want to avoid disappointment. Ice Carving Secrets reveals lots of secrets and techniques for ice sculpting from room size to large outdoor pieces. If you or a friend or family member has some artistic talent you might just find ice sculpture easy enough to do. Here are two very easy suggestions that are easy enough to do and would make a backyard reception extra special:

Brighten up your drinks with beautiful flowers suspended in ice. Use edible flowers such as nasturtium, pansies, rose petals, orchids or snapdragons. Make sure you use chemical free flowers that have been grown to be consumed. Lots of ideas at Martha Stewart.

Don’t stop at icecubes! Slippery Brick has shooter molds with all kinds of cool applications. While you don’t want to fill a shooter glass made from ice with warm alcohol (no flaming sambuca!) you can drop these ice shooters into another drink for additional flavour as they melt or flavour the shooter before freezing for yummy combinations. You can find shot glass molds at places like souvenier shops or Spencer’s Gifts located throughout Southern Ontario and online.

A lovely ice bar for a wedding from Frozen Memories Ice Studio

Speaking of drinks, if you want to go all out consider a bar made from ice with drinks chilling right on the bar. With prices ranging from $1600-$2000 it’s more affordable than you might think. Frozen Memories Ice Studio in Calgary, Alberta has some great ice bar designs.

Like other wedding arrangements the more time you can give your sculptor the better although most seem to be able to create an ice sculpture with a little over a week’s notice. Check out all fees including delivery, set up, take down, lights etc.

Ice Sculptors in the Toronto/Niagara Region:

The Ice Man (Toronto)

The Ice Guys (Toronto)

Festive Ice Sculptures (all of southern Ontario)

Ross Navarro Culinary Sculptures (Niagara Region)

Ice Culture (southwestern Ontario)

I hope this inspired you to consider adding some chill to your wedding reception! A relatively affordable way to incorporate your wedding theme, colours, or individuality. And for the DIYer’s there are many ice applications that are easy enough to do.

If you have suggestions for more chilling wedding ideas or pictures of how you incorporated ice at your wedding reception, please send a comment! I’d love to hear from you!

All the best! Jordin