With shows like Murdoch Mysteries and Downton Abbey, the turn of the 20th century is a very popular look for weddings these days, especially for men. The high collar and puff ties of this era do have a certain, ‘je ne sais quoi’, (having a certain something) do they not?

Photo Source ~ The Hooded Utilitarian

Photo Source ~ The Hooded Utilitarian

But, there is more to getting this look by simply putting a man in a suit, and I have found the perfect website to help you with this!

The Gentleman’s Emporium has everything you need to make your man as dandy as William Murdoch. You can even take advantage of this site to get very unique outfits for all the gentlemen in your wedding party. Based out of Virginia, they ship to almost anywhere. (See their website for more information on your country.)

Just be a bit careful when purchasing, for they also have Regency clothing, which is the early 19th century and the look is very different from the late 19th/ early 20th centuries. I will do a blog post on a Regency theme wedding later this year.

The Gentleman’s Emporium makes it easy for you to outfit your man. They offer complete apparel for a Murdochian Wedding. All prices are in American dollars:


Left ~ Graydon Wentworth - approx $769.15 (US); Centre ~  Gustave Wagner - approx $474.10 (US); Right ~ J.T Farnsworth - approx $724.60 (US)

Left ~ Graydon Wentworth – approx $769.15; Centre ~ Gustave Wagner – approx $474.10; Right ~ J.T Farnsworth – approx $724.60.

Individual Jackets:


Top left ~Ensign Wool Jacket – $139.95; Top right ~ Victorian Formal Tail Coat – $198.00; Bottom left ~ Velvet Smoking Jacket – $124.95; Bottom right ~ Vienna Brocade Tail Coat ~ $359.95.

and vests:

tn_gcs_004312 tn_gcs_003994  tn_gcs_002584

Left ~ Ambassador  – $64.95; Centre ~ Aristocrat (Vienna brocade) – $99.95; Right ~ Brisbane – $49.95.

They also have accessories like hats:

tn_gcs_000479 tn_gcs_001068 tn_gcs_004092

Left ~ Victorian Top Hat, black – $94.95; Centre ~ Slouch Hat, brown – $64.95; Right ~ Tall Derby, brown – $46.95.

The most beautiful pocket watches ever!!!

tn_gcs_002977 tn_gcs_003630 tn_gcs_003889 tn_gcs_003895 tn_gcs_003896 tn_gcs_003899

Top left ~ Filigree with black pearl finish – $24.95; Top centre ~ Mechanical with Silver Lacy Design – $34.95; Top right ~ antique gold zodiac design – $24.95; Bottom left ~ Mechanical with ornate window, antique gold $39.95; Bottom centre ~  Mechanical with antique gold rotary design – $39.95; Bottom right ~ Sprockets with antique gold design – $24.95.

Cravats, Ascots, Puff Ties and Bow Ties:


Top row (left to right): Satin Puff Tie ~ Silver $19.95; Deluxe Western Bow Tie ~ Black $19.95; Deluxe Floppy Bow Tie ~$ 19.95; Classic Cotton Cravat ~ Black $19.95.

Bottom row (left to right): Satin Puff Tie, Crimson Comstock ~ $19.95; Vivid Paisley Ascot ~ Silver, $19.95; Bow Tie~ Brown Huxley Stripe $9.95; Deluxe Continental Cross Tie ~ $19.95.

And monocles, tie tacks and walking sticks:

tn_gcs_001377 tn_gcs_003180 tn_gcs_003184

Left: Glass Handheld Magnifying Monocle with Chain ~ $8.95; Centre: Faceted Diamond Tie Tack ~$9.95; Right: Faceted Deep Sapphire Tie Tack ~$9.95.

tn_gcs_003186 tn_gcs_003187 tn_gcs_003190

Left: Jade Tie Tack ~ $14.95; Centre: Mother of Pearl Tie Tack ~$14.95; Right: Tigers Eye Tie Tack ~ $14.95.


Left: Compass Walking Stick ~ $39.95; Centre: Filigree Walking Stick, Faux Ivory $39.95; Right: Serpent Walking Stick~ Silver $39.95.

They also have final touches like:

Taupe Silk Sleeve Garter~ $14.95

Taupe Silk Sleeve Garter ~ $14.95

Men's Spats, White ~ $24.95

Men’s Spats, White ~ $24.95

Men’s Collars:

tn_gcs_001571 tn_gcs_001572 tn_gcs_001573

Left: Detachable Cotton Collar: Banker ~ $7.95; Centre: Detachable Cotton Collar: High Stand ~ $7.95; Right: Detachable Cotton Collar: Wing Tip ~ $7.95.

Wow! A Murdochian Wedding is within reach! Please send me your photos and a write up for me to post on my blog!

And, I’m currently working on a post focusing on Victorian wear for the ladies and also on turn of the century locations available for weddings and photos, some of which are actually in the show Murdoch Mysteries!!!

All the best! Jordin