Yes . . . that is a 29 week baby bump!

I’ve begun to wear my hair in this style simply because I have very long hair and it’s something to do with it. This style is easy, looks nice, and keeps my hair off my neck. I think this would be great for a late 15th century themed wedding, or “Flower Child” like occasion.

I’ve been asked several times “How do you do that?”  “It must be so hard!”  and I tell them it’s not . . . really, it’s not hard at all! Here is how I do it:

First, you need hair elastics and bobby pins . . .

My Pictures14

and ribbons!!!


These are only a few that I have . . . they are my “crack”!

I use many different types of ribbon and it really allows me to get a huge range of looks, one for every outfit! One of my favorite kinds are my homemade ones. I go to Fabricland and other shops on Ottawa St N in Hamilton, ON, and go straight to the most expensive fabrics and ask for the minimum they can give me. That’s usually a few inches, and never costs be more then $5! I then just sew the two sides together, flip it inside out and there you go! See picture below.


But I also get some nice ribbon from places like Michael’s.They range in price from $1-$10. Some are plain fabric and others covered in glitter. Some are sheer.These are great for accents. Weave a glitter one in and then over lap with a sheer one and you can get a real unique look!


One of my sheer fabrics over top of other colours

So, once you have the colours that you want you can start. The first way I’m showing is for long hair. I’ll do a second way for those with shorter hair.


So, begin by brushing your hair to one side. I always do it to the left. Why? Not sure, just do. Then, if you want, tie it off. You don’t have to, but depending on the type of ribbon you’re using, it can make it easier to work with.

IMG_0057Then take your ribbons and find the middle.

DesktopTake the mid point of your ribbons and wrap them over the base of your hair.  Begin to wrap them around your pony tail as seen here.


Keep wrapping the ribbons around. You can wrap them over all your hair or leave bits showing like in these photos. Once you’re at the end you can either put an elastic around the end of the ribbons and braid the rest of your hair if there is more, or braid the ribbons into your hair. It helps that at the end there is hair for the pins to grasp.


Pull it over your head. It can be higher up or lower back, whatever you like. Pin the end of your “braid” to your hair. Sometimes it helps to pull some hair over the braid and then pin it.  I was able to pin this one with one bobby pin . . . so it’s not hard.


And that’s it. If you want, you can add some fabric to the back for a Medieval or Greaco-Roman look. I just tucked this in, but i don’t think it would stay long. I would hot glue some fabric to a comb and attach it into my hair that way.

Below is for shorter hair. Basically you are doing two braids at either side of your head and folding them over at the top.


Divide your hair in half and start with one part.


As above you can start with an elastic at the base then take ribbon, divided in half, and begin to wrap.


When done, tie the base with an elastic and do the other side.


Here you can see it slipping a bit, just push the ribbon back up to the base.


When done flip one over, and then the other.


And pin! And that’s it.

I hope you enjoyed this. I love this look and you can work any colours that you may have in your theme into this hair style.  It’s great for a theme wedding or if you just like it. It’s great for summer for there are no curls to fight with and no hair making you hot!

Have fun!