12/13/14 will be the last number-sequential date on the calendar until 2034. If you are a couple and numerology is important to you, read below what numerologist Siobhán Young has to say about this date and marriage.




Thank you Jordin for this opportunity to look at 12/13/14 as a date for marriage!

12 13 2014 totals to the number 5 which is a good number for a relationship.  Five is an almost balanced number between masculine and feminine which can be quite favourable. Be aware though, the strong feminine of five is not about being submissive in a demure sense, but strong in its caring and supportive nature. It is a good number for heterosexual weddings.

5 is a loyal number so that cheating or going behind the other person’s back is unlikely. Everything will be out in the open in a five relationship. Couples must remember that their challenge will be to stay fresh and adventurous, otherwise things could fall apart from boredom. Each individual’s personal numerology will also affect how their marriage will be if they are married on 12/13/14.

numerologyOther numbers that arise from 12/13/14 are 3, 4 and 7.

3 is good for communication and happiness, but can negatively effect financial issues because of the tendency to over spend.

4 is good for reliability, but can be boring, playing with the 5 tendency of needing adventure. You will have to keep this marriage working. Date night is a must!

7 is an iffy number. While strong in self-knowledge, immune to gossip, the number 7 can negatively influence a person to be crude or verbally mean. Seven will also influence a person to have little care for money and budgeting and plays strongly into the 3’s desire to over spend.

No marriage date is perfect! But if you have this information about your wedding date and your individual numerology, you can take action to support what is strong individually and in your relationship and be on guard for behaviour or attitudes that can negatively affect your relationship. Through this you can find continual grounds for individual fulfillment and a beautiful married relationship.

Congratulations on your marriage on this most auspicious day!

Siobhán Young