About Us

Founded in November 2011 as a companion to Niagara Falls Wedding World, “The Wedding World Blogger” (Jordin Jaunzarins) will help Brides & Grooms add that special touch to their ceremony and wedding day.

Since 2008, Jordin has been helping wedding couples plan their special day whether it be at one of our chapels or the location of your choice. We hope you will enjoy her insights and humour as so many couples already have! Enjoy the blog!

Michael Heinhold and Jordin Jaunzarins

Mike and I were married on February 20, 2012 at The White Wedding Chapel in Niagara Falls. We had about two months to get ready for our wedding. I’ve been blogging about all the ups and downs of getting ready for the Big Day. Click on “My Wedding” on the sidebar to read all about the fun and foibles!

Just before the wedding Mike's rose kept falling over. There's my mom trying again to get it to sit right on his vest. And what did I find in the closet in the chapel!? A left behind flower girl basket that I thought my friend Amber could use in the ceremony! LOL Photo ~ Dave Cole

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Roxanne Skwirut said:

    Jordin and Michael. You look wonderful together, fantastic blog. Roxanne

  2. Sylvia Jaunzarins said:

    I love all the photos! Happy couple 🙂

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