At what age can you marry in Alabama?

Can you get married at 14 in Alabama?

Alabama has had a problem with 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds from other states coming into Alabama to get married because their states require 16 for marriage. Alabama now allows anyone 14 through 17 to get married with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Can you get married at 12 in Alabama?

Current Alabama law requires permission from both parents, judicial approval, and does not allow a pregnancy exception, which is a law that means a girl younger than 16 years old can marry if she is pregnant.

What is the youngest age you can get married in Alabama?


Name Marriage age
General marriage age Minimum marriage age
Alabama 18 16
Alaska 18 14
Arizona 18 16

Can you marry your daughter in Alabama?

Alabama Marriage Requirements

You cannot marry children, siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, grandchildren, grandparents or great grandparents of any relation. You can marry first cousins without restriction, however.

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What’s the youngest a girl can marry?

Most states have a minimum marriage age for minors with parental consent, ranging from 12-17 years old. However, California and Mississippi do not have minimum ages for minors to be allowed to marry with parental consent.

Marriage Age by State 2022.

State With Parental Consent Without Parental Consent
West Virginia 18 18

Can a 12 year old get married in the US?

This is a fact! While 18 is the minimum marriage age in most states, there are exceptions in every state that allow children younger than 18 to marry, typically with parental consent or judicial approval.

How many cousins removed can you marry?

In the United States, second cousins are legally allowed to marry in every state. However, marriage between first cousins is legal in only about half of the American states. All in all, marrying your cousin or half-sibling will largely depend on the laws where you live and personal and/or cultural beliefs.

Can you marry your 1st cousin in Alabama?

According to the NCSL, cousin marriage is legal in: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina (in North Carolina, first-cousin marriage is legal, but double-cousin marriage is prohibited), …

What state can you marry your sister?


State First cousin marriage allowed Sexual relations or cohabitation allowed
Alaska No Yes
Arizona Only if both parties are 65 or older, or one is infertile No
Arkansas No Yes
California Yes Yes
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Can you marry your sister in Alabama?

No, Alabama does not allow legal marriage between siblings.

Can minors get married in Alabama?

Q. Can minors marry in Alabama? A. If you are under the age of 18, but are at least 16 years of age, and have never been married, you can still marry in Alabama with the consent of a parent or guardian.

How do you get married at 18 in Alabama?

Alabama requires people wanting to get married to be of certain ages: 16 (with parental consent) or 18 (without parental consent). There are no waiting periods, blood tests or residency requirements. Current marriage licenses are valid through Aug. 28, after that date couples must use the new forms.

Can u get married to yourself?

Self Solemnization, also known as a self-uniting marriage is one in which the couple are married without the presence of a third-party officiant. The couple can essentially perform the legal solemnization of their own marriage, which will be recognized as a legal marriage throughout all of The United States.

Do Alabama Date their cousins?

The closest relatives who can marry under Alabama law are first cousins. It is not legal to marry siblings.