At what age can you marry in Mississippi?

Can a 13 year old get married in Mississippi?

Most states have a minimum marriage age for minors with parental consent, ranging from 12-17 years old. However, California and Mississippi do not have minimum ages for minors to be allowed to marry with parental consent.

What is the youngest age you can get married in Mississippi?

The Law: Section 93 of the Mississippi Code 1972 allows girls as young as 15 years old to be married with parental consent, while prohibiting the marriage of boys under the age of 17. A judge may waive the minimum age requirement altogether under certain conditions.

What age can you get married without parental consent in Mississippi?

Those wishing for a marriage in Mississippi must be over 21. Those who are under 21 must have parental consent. Those who are under 17 must get permission from a judge to waive the minimum age requirements (this is only 15 for females, however).

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Can you marry a 12 year old in America?

This is a fact! While 18 is the minimum marriage age in most states, there are exceptions in every state that allow children younger than 18 to marry, typically with parental consent or judicial approval.

Can you marry at 20?

There is no best age to get married that applies to everyone. You’re never too old for it, and while it’s very possible to get married before you’re ready, it’s often not necessarily because you’re too young to marry.

Can you marry at 16?

Boys under 18 and girls under 15 cannot get married without special permission and anyone under the age of 21 has to get their parents’ permission before they can get married. A marriage contracted without the required consent is voidable.

How do you get married at 17 in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, you must be 21 years of age to apply for a marriage license, which is typically older than most states that require you to be 18 or older. If you are under 21 years old, you may get married with written parental consent.

What state can you marry your sister?


State First cousin marriage allowed Sexual relations or cohabitation allowed
Alaska No Yes
Arizona Only if both parties are 65 or older, or one is infertile No
Arkansas No Yes
California Yes Yes

Is the Romeo and Juliet law in Mississippi?

Mississippi has a close-in-age exemption. A close in age exemption, also known as “Romeo and Juliet law”, is designed to prevent the prosecution of underage couples who engage in consensual sex when both participants are significantly close in age to each other, and one or both are below the age of consent.

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What are the marriage laws in Mississippi?

Marriage Law Requirements for Mississippi:

Both Parties must be 21 years of age to get married in Mississippi. Picture ID and Proof of age is required. Both Parties must be present for the application. To obtain a marriage license, both parties must apply in person your at local county Circuit Clerk’s office.

What’s the legal age in Mississippi?

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Age of Majority 21 (Mississippi Code 1-3-27)
Eligibility for Emancipation By petition, no minimum age specified (Mississippi Code 93-19-3)
Contracts by Minors 18 for personal property; ratification must be signed in writing (Mississippi Code 15-3-11)

What age can you move out in Mississippi?

Mississippi recognizes the age of majority as 21—much older than other states. See Miss. Code § 1-3-27 (2020). This means under Mississippi law the legal age to leave home is 21.

Who is the youngest person to get married?

Joan of France, Duchess of Berry (age 12), was betrothed in a wedding contract at age 8-days-old, she was officially married at the age of twelve in 1476, to her cousin Louis, Duke of Orléans (aged 14).

How old is the youngest bride?

Nujood Ali was just an eight-year-old child when her father arranged for her get married. She was one of 16 children. She loved school and playing games with her brothers and sisters. NUJOOD ALI (Translation): Suddenly I was married.

Can you marry your child?

Child marriage is currently legal in 44 states (only Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have set the minimum age at 18 and eliminated all exceptions), and 20 U.S. states do not require any minimum age for marriage, with a parental or judicial waiver.

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