Can I marry my father’s cousin sister’s daughter in Hindu?

Can I marry my father’s cousin brother’s daughter in India?

In India (especially South India) there is no ban on marriage between first cousins on maternal side. One cannot marry a paternal cousin. Marriage between second cousins on maternal side is okay.

Can I marry my cousin’s sisters daughter in Hindu?

No, He cannot marry her because a person can not marry up to his second cousin from the mother’s side as it comes within the degrees of prohibited relationship under Hindu Marriage Act and therefore the marriage between the parties shall be null and void.

Can I marry my father’s cousin sister’s son?

Yes, you can. Your sister in law is not related to you by blood. Her cousin is not your cousin. There is no relation per say.

Can I marry my father’s sister’s daughter’s daughter?

Your Grandfather’s Sister is your Father’s Bua. Her kids are your father’s cousins and your Chacha/Bua and their kids are your Cousins. So you cannot marry them.

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Can I marry my father’s uncle’s daughter?

Originally Answered: Can I marry my father’s uncle’s daughter? Yes, if it is his uncle by marriage and not his aunts genetic daughter, also if you are adopted or if it is your stepdads uncles daughter and depending on what state you are in. This kind of marriage would be referred to as endogamy.

Can I marry my brothers daughter?

Answers (2) Yes assuming you are Hindu, you will be governed by Hindu Marriage Act and according to this Act, you are not related to each other within the degrees of prohibited relationships, hence you can marry her.

Is cousin marriage allowed in Hinduism?

The Hindu Marriage Act disallows marriage between first cousins. “If the request was to be considered, it would be putting a seal of approval on a relationship which isn’t permitted in law,” said a division bench of Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice U D Salvi.

Can I marry my mother’s sister?

you may marry her as you are beyond the Spinda relationship as she is the forth generation from your mother, as mother, mother’s sister, her daughter and her daughter as per Hindu Law or as per Special marriage act.

Can a Hindu marry his niece?

Yes you can marry your niece under the Hindu Merriage Act, 1955 if the customs and traditions permit you to do so.

Can I marry my sister’s daughter?

Originally Answered: Can I marry my sister’s daughter? No. Not in the USA, anyway; marriage between an uncle and a niece, or an aunt and a nephew who are blood relatives is illegal.

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Can I marry my father’s sister’s sister’s daughter?

Yes. Absolutely Legal. Your Father’s Sister’s husband’s brother’s daughter will not come within the prohibited relationships under Hindu Marriage Act.

Can I marry my daughter?

X.: According to John Beckstrom, professor of family law, Northwestern University Law School, it is not legal anywhere in the United States for a father and daughter to knowingly marry each other. Such a marriage would not be valid. In fact, in many states the father would be prosecuted for criminal incest.

Can I marry my father’s sister’s granddaughter in Hindu?

No, being barred by law being spinda relation. No no. Brother sister marriage is bad, prohibition. Adv Raj malhotra has answered properly.

Can I marry my father’s brother’s daughter in Hindu?

If the girl is a daughter of your father’s brother or mother’s sister,it is not advisable to marry her as the girl is related to you as your sister. As per the Special Marriage Act, 1954 marriage in close relations is not allowed.

Can I marry my father’s sister’s daughter’s daughter in Islam?

The answer is yes. Islam does not allow to marry father’s sister, father’s brother, mother’s sister, mother’s brother. But one can marry anybody who is the son /daughter of his /her parent’s direct blood relation.