Quick Answer: How do you word wedding invitations when the groom’s parents are hosting?

How do you word a wedding invitation when both parents are hosting?

When writing wedding invitation wording from both sets of parents, make sure first and last names appear for all parents. Since both last names are already mentioned, the bride and groom will only include first and middle names on the invitation.

Do the grooms parents names go on the invitation?

Including the groom’s parents names on the invitation // formal // secular location. It’s most traditional to include the names of the groom’s parents after the groom’s name.

Do you send a wedding invitation to the groom’s parents?

The short answers: No, it’s not redundant, and yes, you should send them. While you’re right that clearly they know the scoop on the wedding, they’re still going to want an invite to remember the day. So while they don’t necessarily need an invite, it’s still a lovely gesture to send one.

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Do you put both parents on wedding invitation?

Host Lines. Historically, the bride’s parents had top billing, and they still should for formal affairs, but naming both sets of parents as hosts is a gracious option no matter who foots the bill. Some couples issue their own invitations, or do so together with their parents.

What can you say instead of together with their family?

Here are few options:

  • “the pleasure of your company”
  • “at the marriage of their children”
  • “would love for you to join them”
  • “invite you to celebrate with them”
  • “honor of your presence”

Does the bride or groom’s name come first on wedding invitations?

3. THE NAMES OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM: Traditionally the name of the bride always precedes the groom’s name. If the bride’s parents are included on the invitation and she shares their last name, then only her first and middle name are used.

How do you write parents name on wedding program?

When you’re naming those participating in the ceremony, the traditional format is as follows: the parents of the bride, the parents of the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen (with the maid of honor and best man listed first), the flower girl and ring bearer, ushers and readers, and the officiant.

How do you write family names on a wedding invitation?

Option 3: If you have want to add everyone’s names, make this section interesting for the guests – include how you’re related to the family member! Option 4: If you have a really long list of relatives to add to this list, mentioning a few and then add “friends & family” or the family name at the end.

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Which parents name goes first on a wedding invitation?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents were the ONLY parents on a wedding invitation. Today, more and more couples are adding the groom’s parents to the invite.

How many guests should the groom’s family invite?

An Even Split

Then the couple should get about half of the guest list, and then the bride and groom’s families each get to invite a quarter of the total number. So, if you’re able to invite 200 guests, the bride and groom should choose 100 attendees, and their parents each get 50.

How do you address step parents on wedding program?

Use your last name when listing both sets of parents.

Traditionally, if the mother and father’s names appear above using the same surname, brides do not list their last names. However, just for clarification purposes, if you are listing all parents’ names, you should list your last name as well.