Was tyrion the real target of the purple wedding?

Was Tyrion the target of the purple wedding?

tl;dr The Purple Wedding poison was meant for Tyrion and was part of a plot to steal Sansa to marry off to Willas Tyrell so the Tyrells could stake a claim on the North.

Who orchestrated the purple wedding?

Olenna Tyrell, revealing her role in the assassination to Jaime Lannister. The Purple Wedding was an event in the War of the Five Kings that involved the death of King Joffrey Baratheon at his own wedding feast. The assassination was orchestrated by Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell.

How did the poison get into Joffrey’s wine?

During the feast, the Tyrell matriarch sneakily took the poisoned stone from Sansa’s necklace and put it in Joffrey’s wine glass while he was mocking his uncle, cutting open his wedding cake with a sword, and just acting the pompous fool in general. The Kingchild drank the toxic alcohol and died – painfully.

What killed Joffrey wine or pie?

Season 4. Sansa Stark’s necklace at the royal wedding, containing the disguised soluble crystal form of the strangler. Joffrey is assassinated at his own wedding feast, drinking wine poisoned with the strangler. Tyrion is subsequently arrested on the false charge that he was behind the poisoning.

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Who killed Joffrey Baratheon in the books?

At the conclusion of the dinner, however, Joffrey dies from poisoned wine. Tyrion is falsely accused and arrested by Cersei in A Storm of Swords (2000) but it is later revealed that Lady Olenna Tyrell and Lord Petyr Baelish were the true perpetrators.

What book does Tyrion give Joffrey?

Tyrion gives Joffrey a rare book, Lives of Four Kings, and Mace gifts him a seven-sided wedding chalice. Tywin gives his grandson a Valyrian steel sword as a wedding present, which Joffrey names Widow’s Wail.

Did Margaery know about the poison?

In the TV show, Margaery doesn’t know that the wine is poisoned, which doesn’t make sense since she could have drunk from the cup at any time. Now being man and wife, Joffrey could have offered her the first sip, which she would most probably accept.

Who killed Olenna Tyrell?

In “The Queen’s Justice”, Jaime Lannister seizes control of Highgarden on Cersei’s orders. He confronts Olenna, granting her a painless death by poison, putting it in her cup of wine as she watches.

Who becomes king after Joffrey dies?

With Joffrey’s death, Tommen inherits the crown and is now the king and ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Tommen and Cersei mourn over Joffrey’s death.

Who kills Tyrion Lannister?

For her part, Dany is none too pleased with Tyrion for committing treason by freeing Jaime and trying to help him and Cersei escape and sentences him to death by dragon fire.

Why did Olenna drink poison?

Secondly, if Jaime let Olenna go, it would be a direct betrayal to Cersei and he knows that. Also, if you think about it, it was actually a mercy that Jaime gave Olenna the poison to kill herself. Jaime told Olenna what Cersei would’ve liked to do with her.

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Who gave Sansa the poison necklace?

Dontos follows Sansa to the Red Keep’s godswood, where he thanks her for saving his life during Joffrey’s nameday celebration. As a gesture of his appreciation, he gives Sansa a necklace strung with seven amethysts, which he tells her is a family heirloom worn by his mother and grandmother.

Who married Sansa?

That leaves the alkaloid strychnine. It’s a poison that does cause your muscles to clench within 10 to 20 minutes — starting with the face and neck. And death comes from asphyxiation. Perfect.

What happens to Sansa after Joffrey dies?

When Joffrey chokes and dies at the wedding feast, Sansa flees and meets with Dontos. He escorts her to a boat that takes her to a ship in Blackwater Bay, where she is greeted by Lord Baelish, known as Littlefinger.