What tradition is depicted in the story of the wedding dance?

What are the main symbols of the story wedding dance?

Six Symbolic Elements

  • Gangsas. The gangsas are culturally important. …
  • Dancing. Culturally, the dancing is a celebration of happiness. …
  • The Fire. The fire or flames signify the burning intensity of both love and hate that Lumnay feels in the situation. …
  • The Beads. …
  • The Floor. …
  • The Night.

What does the wedding dance symbolize?

The Wedding Dance tells the reader “that there could be a conflict between your personal love and the love for one’s people(tribe) and culture, and in some cases culture prevails.” The story clearly demonstrates how their culture prevents Lumnay and Awiyao from loving each other and living together as husband and wife.

What is the theme of the story wedding dance?

The theme of “The Wedding Dance” by Amador Daguio is all about letting love go. A number of times the narrator draws the reader’s attention to the floor as Lumnay pulls it apart. This is symbolic for their marriage unweaving.

Why do you think does tradition affect us?

Traditions provide us with numerous benefits. They provide us with a source of identity; they tell the story of where we came from and remind us of what has shaped our lives. They connect generations and strengthen our group bonds, and help us feel that we are part of something unique and special.

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What is the story all about the wedding dance summary?

“The Wedding Dance” by Amador Daguio is a short story about a husband and wife, Awiyao and Lumnay, who had been married for seven years. In spite of being in love with his wife, Awiyao feels the need to marry again to have a son. At his second marriage celebration, Awiyao goes to check on Lumnay, knowing she is upset.

What is theme in a story?

The theme of a story is what the author is trying to convey — in other words, the central idea of the story.

What does the fire symbolize in the story the wedding dance?

The Wedding Dance

The fire or flames signify the burning intensity of both love and hate that Lumnay feels in the situation. The gangsas are culturally important. The sound of the gangsas represents the man in the wedding ceremony. Like the gangsas, they are strong and provide a beat to the dance, or a “beat to life”.

What is tradition and why is it important?

Tradition contributes a sense of comfort and belonging. It brings families together and enables people to reconnect with friends. Tradition reinforces values such as freedom, faith, integrity, a good education, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, and the value of being selfless.

What is tradition and examples?

The definition of a tradition is a custom or belief that is passed down through the generations or that is done time after time or year after year. An example of a tradition is eating turkey on Thanksgiving or putting up a tree on Christmas. noun.

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Why are traditions important in culture?

Traditions are often the most externally-facing parts of a culture. They show the personality, color, and heritage of a culture. They help you know what to do and when (and what not to do). They give you a glimpse into a person’s culture, but to truly understand a culture, you need to spend time listening and learning.