How do you prioritize a wedding guest list?

How do you structure a wedding guest list?

Start by setting your total guest count, then divvy it up among you, your parents, and your future in-laws. Post suggests splitting it in one of two ways: one, give equal thirds to you and your groom, your parents, and his parents.

Who decides the guest list for a wedding?

Wedding Guest List Etiquette

  • Make a Preliminary List With Just Your Partner. …
  • Decide Where You’ll Cut Off Family Invitations—and Stick To It. …
  • Give Both Families the Same Number of Extra Guests. …
  • Make the Call About Children. …
  • Invite Couples Whose Wedding You Recently Attended. …
  • Follow Modern Plus-One Protocol.

Do you count the bride and groom in the guest list?

Does the couple count? The short answer is yes. Generally all of those people count but it can depend on the venue. Generally speaking anyone a venue must prepare to host or who contributes towards the capacity of the venue is included in the guest count.

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How do you organize wedding guest list and addresses?

Consider columns for:

  1. Last name, first name.
  2. Address.
  3. Email.
  4. Phone number.
  5. A number for each invitee (some people forget to include their names on RSVPs)
  6. Whose list are they on? (groom, bride, other)
  7. Likelihood of attendance.
  8. Are they bringing kids?

How do you estimate wedding attendance?

Top 4 Ways to Estimate Guest Count for Your Wedding or Event

  1. Send RSVP Cards. The traditional way to get an early guest estimate is to send RSVP cards along with the event invitations. …
  2. Rely on Technology. …
  3. Use a Calculation. …
  4. Invite a Set Number of Guests.

What percent of wedding guests will attend?

“A general overall percentage between 75-85 percent of wedding guests usually attend.” The breakdown: 85 percent of local guests, 55 percent of out-of-town guests, and 35 percent of destination wedding guests will show up, Buckley said.

Who you shouldn’t invite to your wedding?

People You Don’t Need to Invite to Your Wedding

  • Anyone just because they invited you to their wedding.
  • All of your coworkers.
  • People who aren’t supportive of your marriage.
  • Every single person on your parents’ guest list.
  • Everyone invited to the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

How do you inform a wedding without inviting?

When it’s time to politely tell them they’re not invited to the wedding, stick with the simple truth. Tell them you’re happy they reached out to you, and you’re excited to get back in touch. Fill them in on your life since you last spoke and ask them questions about theirs.

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Who gets a plus one at a wedding?

Married, Engaged and Cohabitating Guests Traditionally Receive a Plus-One. As a rule of thumb, Amber Harrison, the head of weddings at Shutterfly, says only married, engaged, and “serious” couples (say, they’re living together or have been together for a year or more) receive a plus-one.

How do you limit guests on a wedding invitation?

How to Politely Say “Guests are Limited” in an RSVP

  1. “Our wedding will be a small, intimate ceremony, and only those who are closest to us will be in attendance.”
  2. “Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests not indicated in the invitation. …
  3. “We politely request that only the people listed in the invitation be present.

Should you over invite to a wedding?

Experts recommend inviting no more than your budget can allow. If you’ve budgeted for 150 people, you should send out 150 invites. On the off chance some of those prospective guests send their regrets, feel free to send out more invites to “second tier” guests, but only up to that original 150-person total.

How do you collect addresses easily?

How do I collect addresses — a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up for a free Postable account.
  2. We give you a personal link (
  3. Email it to everybody.
  4. They click the link, fill out a quick form & their info magically appears in your address book!

How do you format a wedding guest list in Excel?

How to Make a Guest List on an Excel Template

  1. Open Excel. …
  2. Type “Guest List” into the “Search Online” box in the “Templates” section if you are using Excel 2003. …
  3. Click on a template in the “Search Results” box to preview it. …
  4. Make changes to the way your guest list looks.
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