Quick Answer: How do I get married in Gibraltar?

How much does it cost to get married in Gibraltar?

If you are getting married in Gibraltar (and you aren’t a resident), you’ll only need to pay £67.50 for the special license for marriage, and £40 for the ceremony and registration (if done at the registry office)—which is only £107.50 (~ USD $132).

Can you legally get married in Gibraltar?

In order to get married in Gibraltar, you must be able to satisfy the Registrar that you are free to marry. In the case of single persons, other than United Kingdom nationals.

What are the requirements to get married in Gibraltar?

Full birth certificate. Passport or national identity card in the case of an EEA national; Full birth certificate; Final and absolute divorce decree or certificate of annulment of your previous marriage.

Can UK citizens get married in Gibraltar?

In Gibraltar, the marriage between a man and a woman is provided for under the Gibraltar Marriage Act. Under its provisions it is possible, by means of a Special Licence granted under Section 13 of the Act, for residents and non-residents alike to get married in Gibraltar.

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How quick can you get married in Gibraltar?

For most people getting married in Gibraltar is reasonably simple. There are no residency restrictions and you can get married with 24 hours’ notice, providing you have all the correct documentation (see below). However, as Gibraltar is very popular as a location for getting married, it is wise to plan well in advance.

Do you need a visa to get married in Gibraltar?

The major benefit for American citizens is that you don’t need a visa to go into Gibraltar and the border control is quite lax. As long as you have your passport handy (and you don’t attempt to cross the border with a car), you can cross back and forth with ease.

How long does it take to receive marriage certificate from Gibraltar?

Certificates will normally be ready for collection between ten and fifteen working days after the ceremony and may be collected in person from our offices. Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificates issued within two weeks after the ceremony are available at a cost of £3.50 per certificate.

Where is the easiest place to get married abroad?

If you didn’t know already, a LOT of foreign couples make the decision to travel to Denmark to get married each year. Thousands in fact. This is because Denmark is by far the easiest country in Europe for foreign couples to get married.