What is mothers maiden name if not married?

What should I put in mother’s maiden name?

The surname that a married woman had before marrying. The definition of a maiden name is the surname or birth name a woman has before she marries and takes her husband’s last name. An example of maiden name is Jones for a woman who was named Sarah Jones before she married and became Sarah Stein.

Is mother’s maiden name full name or last name?

A married woman’s maiden name is her parents’ surname, which she used before she got married and started using her husband’s surname.

What is the difference between mother’s maiden name and maiden name?

Mothers maiden name is the legal given name of a woman from the time of her birth until she marries. The term “maiden” refers to an unmarried female. This is the name she is raised with, and this is the name recognized by the government.

What is Mother Maiden middle name?

Middle names constitute the mother’s maiden surname; is inserted between the given name and the surname (father’s surname) and almost always abbreviated signifying that it is a “middle name”.

What is your mother maiden name Kannada meaning?

ತಾಯಿಯ ಮೊದಲ ಹೆಸರು ಅಂದರೆ Last Update: 2015-01-08.

What is maiden name in Philippines?

Under Philippine regulations, for single women and men, the middle name refers to the surname of the person’s mother. Once a woman marries and decides to use the surname of her husband, the maiden middle name (i.e. Santos) is automatically dropped and is replaced by her maiden surname (i.e. Cruz). documents.

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What is considered a maiden name?

: a woman’s family name before she is married.