Why is patient engagement so important?

What is patient engagement and why is it important?

Patient engagement is a partnership between patients and the clinical professionals with whom they interact. Clinicians engage and communicate with patients in their care, and patients share in making decisions and managing their conditions.

What are the benefits of patient engagement?

Patient and family engagement improves multiple aspects of hospital performance, including quality, safety, financial performance, patient experiences of care, patient outcomes, and employee satisfaction. Together, the multiple individual benefits of patient and family engagement lead to improved hospital performance.

What is the value of patient engagement?

Patient Engagement provides an important navigational tool in drug development that helps steers us toward developing medicines that address patients’ unmet needs, focuses us on symptoms patients care about, and guides us toward developing evidence that can ultimately support their health care decisions.

How does patient engagement improve outcomes?

With patients engaged in their health care, either preventatively or during the course of treatment, and actively working to improve their outcomes they are spending less time under the care of the hospital. This frees up resources, space, and time that the hospital can be putting elsewhere.

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What does patient engagement mean in healthcare?

Patient engagement is defined as the desire and capability to actively choose to participate in care in a way uniquely appropriate to the individual, in cooperation with a healthcare provider or institution, for the purposes of maximizing outcomes or improving experiences of care.

How do you achieve patient engagement?


  1. 1) Identify Patients. The first step to improving patient engagement and outcomes is to implement patient segmentation. …
  2. 2) Provide Education. When patients receive services, they may not always follow their medical regimens. …
  3. 3) Engage in Shared-Decision Making. …
  4. 4) Deliver Continuous Care. …
  5. 5) Minimize Barriers to Care.

Why is it important to engage patients and families in their healthcare?

“When patients and families are partners in planning and making decisions about their care, health outcomes are better, patient experience and satisfaction improves, and often, costs are lower.”

Why is Patient Experience important in healthcare?

The patient experience represents a critical component of your ability to attract and retain patients. When patients form positive relationships and begin to trust your providers, they become more engaged in their own care, and develop a stronger sense of loyalty to your organization.

What is patient engagement framework?

​The Patient Engagement Framework is the product of a collaboration between over 150 experts in the fields of healthcare, human behavior, and technology. The Framework assists healthcare organizations of varying sizes and stages of implementation.