My name is Michelle Powley (now Michelle Cooper) and my husband’s name is Geordie Cooper. We were Married on June 9th, 2011 at The White Wedding Chapel at The Peninsula Inn and Resort. It was the most perfect day with a beautiful ceremony. All of our needs were met and the day went so smoothly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a stress free, catered to day. The chapel and surroundings were beautiful with freshly cut grass and gorgeous flowers. We could see the chapel from our room window and it would make me smile just to see it. The photographer was amazing and was excellent to work with. The Minister (Rev. Deb Vaughan) was so kind and performed the ceremony just as I had wished. The White Wedding Chapel was a dream come true. I knew from the moment I heard about it to now that it was perfect for us. It was everything and more and when I think back to it I would not have changed a thing. Thanks to all the staff for making it the perfect day! Michelle and Geordie Cooper

Thank you Rev. Loretta for all of your great help and by merging two worlds.
It was great and here are some pictures for you. Thanks again. Beau and Monica

Ron Melanson and Claudette at The Little Wedding Chapel, Niagara Falls

We started the day by going over to The Little Wedding Chapel on the Lane to meet Rev. Loretta. She was very nice and helpful. The service was wonderful. Everyone who was supposed to show up was there. After the service we stayed inside and took pictures and then we went outside and too some more. It was a nice day. We also went out for supper down on Clifton Hill. We would like to say thank you to Rev. Loretta for everything!

the Little Wedding Chapel

We would like to thank the Little Wedding Chapel for performing our ceremony for us with such short notice. It was beautiful and it couldn’t have been any more perfect then it was.
We had decided on the Wednsday night to travel to Niagara Falls to get married. We left the next day (Thurs) and called the Chapel on Friday morning. They were more then happy to perform our ceremony on the same day. The Chapel was decorated perfectly and the good Rev. Peter Goodrich did a wonderful job putting together our vows and ceremony together with such a short notice.
He was pleasant and friendly and the Chapel rang of love.
Thank you for making this the best day of the rest of our lives!

Blair and Jeannine McDonald

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